About Your Mistress

Hi, I'm Mistress Jo. 

I am an Indian Dominatrix based in Southend, Essex.  Currently one of the only Indian Mistresses based in the south-east of England. I'm well educated and well spoken. My BDSM passion spans from mild to wild. 

I am naturally dominant and I'm only pleased when I have full control of my submissive slave. It's important that my subordinates know how to please me. That's where you come in. Whilst I am pleasant and accommodating, make no mistake, I am a natural Dominatrix, wicked and cruel.


My greatest pleasure in life is when my submissives please me. Only when I have my submissive under my control do I feel happy. Do you have what it takes to keep Mistress Jo happy?

I have a wide array of BDSM and fetish outfits and love to dress up and show off my beautiful body in front of my slaves. I dress to kill. 

The Southend Dungeon 
is very well equipped and caters for all kinks. 

Within the secure walls of my dungeon you will hand over all control to Mistress Jo.

I will control your thoughts, your actions and your emotions. Your body and mind belong entirely to me, your Mistress!

I expect loyalty, devotion, obedience. 

Only those who make progress while trying to meet my exacting standards can expect a reward.

I realise attaining those standards may require a tailored training programme, customized for your particular needs and I recognise that each submissive is unique, but I know that with the right encouragement and nurturing you'll give me your very essence!

Each one of you can achieve goals that you had never thought possible when you first approached me.

I will quickly work out the psychological buttons on you that I need to push – and pushed they will be – as I acquire a knowledge of you. 

I promise you I will come to know you better than you know yourself. 

I pride myself on my extremely sadistic mind with a smile that will melt you...a fabulous combination, don't you think?

A lover of all things kink, I certainly don't lack enthusiasm or passion for my work.

Whether you're a novice ready to explore or an experienced slave in the world of kink, fetishes, BDSM...come and serve Mistress Jo in The Southend Dungeon.

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